Jobs in Dubai

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Jobs in Dubai

Postby yoyoma » Tue 13 Apr 2004 10:15

Hello Everyone,

My appoligies if this question has been asked somewhere before but I'm wanting to know if anyone can point me in the right direction for getting a job in the UAE.

I'll be graduating with a Accounting degree in a months time and am wondering if there are any reputable recruiters out there on the net. Or if in fact I'm wasting my time as I don't have a large amount of experience under my belt yet.

Any advice?

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Postby Kay » Tue 13 Apr 2004 10:25

Hi Yoyo

Welcome to the forum. I don't know if it'll help but all employment-related ads in our classified ads section are free to both employers and job seekers, so please feel free to post a job wanted ad in there.

My BA is in accountancy too, and it took me around the world before I became a layabout - so good luck with it!

Hope you find a job soon. With any luck Audrey will be along soon to answer your question.


Kay 8)
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Postby Audrey » Thu 15 Apr 2004 13:54

Hi Yoyo
I honestly don't know of any recruitment agancies as such off the top of my head. I am going back now in 2 weeks and if you still need help I can ask around for you.
You could just trya a general web search on employment/uae but not too sure where that would get you.
Please let me know if you would like me to ask around when I go back and good luck with your search.
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Postby freeasabird » Fri 13 May 2005 13:19

There is a a whole bunch of job sites thru this link [url deleted by Site Admin - see below] - some are better than others. You can also try the guardian job site for journalism jobs andmonster for IT jobs.

As far as agencies in Dubai go Clarendon Parker seem quite reputable (they are on the list of job sites).

Happy hunting :D

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Recruitment contact

Postby ImogenPacific » Thu 27 Jul 2006 09:28

My friend works in recruitment and they have an office in Dubai - she may be able to help you - her email is (please see comments by site admin above)

Good luck!

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Top Tips To Help You Secure Your Dream Job in Dubai

Postby realtymatching » Tue 15 Jun 2010 09:24


Securing a Job in Dubai, whether in Accounting or any field for that matter is not as simple as forwarding your resume to n number of Recruiting Agencies. It IS an important part, however, I suggest a more proactive role if you really want to secure your DREAM Dubai job.

Here are some other important areas to cover:
1) Send your Resume to the Human Resources Department of some of the TOP companies in your career field.

2) Follow some important recruiters on Twitter and Facebook.

3) Browse some top local "Jobs Available" sections of classified sites & newspapers.

4) Browse the job vacancy pages of companies and recruiters.

5) Browse some Dubai Jobs related blogs.

All this is doable & will surely put you in the lead to secure your Dream Job.

Hope this helps,
All The Best. In your Quest.
Shabbir K.
Secure your Dream Job in Dubai
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Classified Job Posts

Postby gowen66 » Tue 14 Feb 2012 11:51

Hi Kay 8
Can't seem to find those classified jobs that you refer to. Could you point me in the right direction please.

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Postby Graeme » Tue 14 Feb 2012 14:59

Kay's post was 8 years ago, there might not be anything current in that section since it was so long ago.
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Postby Kay » Wed 15 Feb 2012 12:08

Thanks, Graeme. You're quite right. We discontinued that classified ads section years ago. It was too much effort to keep it clean of spam. Once again, the nasties spoiled an otherwise good service for the decent people.

Sorry, Greg. Good luck with finding a job by some other means. :)

Edit: Oh, I now see that you tried to advertise a service by dumping a link on here. Not allowed!
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Postby SenSally » Thu 04 Dec 2014 09:55

Start by registering with a recruitment agency in Dubai. Employers also use local newspapers and headhunters to advertise job opportunities.

Gulf News appointments supplement, Khaleej Times Appointments and The National careers section are some of the good resources.

Checking listings online? Go to,, and

Job advertisements are posted on and as well.

Also, do not miss out the UAE labour laws and other essential details to work in Dubai.

Reference- AskExplorer
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