Emirates offering additional baggage allowance for migrants

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Emirates offering additional baggage allowance for migrants

Postby holbrob » Tue 30 Sep 2008 13:18

Hi, i raised the question with Emirates as they fly from my local airport. I have copied the answer here:

[i]Thank you for your enquiry.
We currently have a promotion running which gives you an entitlement of 30kgs extra baggage allowance, that's 50kgs in total. You can access details of the offer by logging in as a member on the Moving Planet website, again this is subject to various controls:
• It is valid for UK departing passengers holding British passports only.
• The passenger must hold a valid migration visa stating over 1 year stay.
• It is not valid if you have a stopover (exit the airport) in Dubai or anywhere else on the way.
• Tickets must be one-way (no return date or open returns).
• You must NOT have entered the country on the visa already.
In other cases where the additional allowance does not apply and you wish to take more baggage than your 20kg allowance, we might also suggest that you send some belongings using the "Unaccompanied Baggage" service offered through various companies.

Hope this helps?

Mods, if this is a breach of the site rules then please accept my apologies. I am in no way linked with Emirates. I have no idea if they are better than other companies out there?

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Postby SSue » Tue 30 Sep 2008 23:42

Thanks for sharing this news with us :D Emirates have had this extra baggage allowance going for quite some time now, and it's great news for anyone travelling now and in the near future. Not many airlines cater for migrants in this way.

I've never heard any complaints, only praise, about the service etc of this airline, and it's a popular choice here in Aus.

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