hemachromatosis and thyroid problems

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hemachromatosis and thyroid problems

Postby Dianne_W » Sun 03 Feb 2008 22:24

My husband has Hemachromatosis (iron overload) which is well under control with fortnightly blood lettings which eventually will only be required a couple of times a year and I have an over active thyroid. Will these things stop us from being able to Emigrate?

Hope someone has an answer cos I have been searching the net for ages but can't find any answers. :roll:
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Postby SSue » Mon 04 Feb 2008 22:12

Sorry Dianne, but I can't give you a definite answer either. Your case history(s) will be looked into, and whether or not you both pass the health test, is down to a panel of doctors, (not your own GP). Normally, as long as it's nothing debilitating, which means that you can't work and support yourselves, or that you will need costly ongoing treatment, you can expect to pass.

Good luck
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