Common Immigration Terms

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Common Immigration Terms

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AIP = Approval in Principle (for PR within Canada)
AOE = Arranged Offer of Employment (approved by HRSDC)
AOR = Acknowledgement of Receipt (for apps outside Canada)
BUNAC = UK providers of open work permit reciprocity program
CAIPS = Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System (for apps processed abroad, you can order more information about your case)
CBSA = Canadian Border Services Agency
CIC = Customs and Immigration Canada
CIC Call Centre = 1888 242 2100 Helpline (within Canada)
COPR = Confirmation of Permanent Residence
CRC = Criminal Record Check
CSQ = Certificate of Selection Quebec
DMP = Designated Medical Practitioner
e-CAS = Online status check for applications
FW = Foreign Worker Manual ... index.html
GATS = General Agreement on Trade in Services, exempts some professionals from HRSDC approval for work permits
HRSDC = Human Resources and Social Development Canada (Service Canada, approve job offers to foreigners)
IA = Initial Approval (for apps done outside Canada)
IO = Immigration officer
IELTS = International English Language Testing System
IMM + numbers = refers to CIC applications and forms
Interpol = International Police
IP = Manual for inland processing ... index.html
IRPA = Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (and its Regulations)
Landing = when you arrive in Canada with your visa/paperwork
LICO = Low Income Cut-off
LMO = Labour Market Opinion (means job approved for foreigner by HRSDC)
Medicals = When you are requested by CIC to submit Medical tests
MOC = Marriage of convenience
MP = Minister of Parliament
NAFTA = Free Trade Agreement to allow certain US and Mexican Business people HRSDC approval exemption for work permits
NOC = National Occupation Code (Classifies your work experience, important in skilled worker applications)
Off Campus Work Permit = HRSDC approval not required for certain students to apply for a permit to work off campus
Open Work Permit = No fixed employer on permit
OP = Manual for overseas processing ... index.html
PNP = Provincial Nominee Program (faster immigration for some provinces)
Post Grad Work Permit = Initiative to encourage foreign graduates of Canadian Universities to gain work permits without HRSDC approval
POE = Port of Entry (where you land)
PPR = Passport request
PR = Permanent Resident/Residence
PRC = Permanent Residency Card
RCMP = Royal Canadian Mounted Police, conduct security check for Canadian residents
ROLF/RORLF = Right of Landing Fees/Right of Resident Landing Fees
RPRF = Right of Permanent Resident Fee
SP = Study Permit
SIN = Social Insurance Number
TRP = Temporary Resident Permit (needed by some countries to enter Canada)
VP = Visitor Permit (British Passport = 6 months automatic visitor status in Canada)
WP = Work Permit
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