Health Insurance

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Health Insurance

Postby AlanBowman » Wed 27 Apr 2005 21:12

Currently in forward planning stage with a planned move to Florida East coast next year when I will be 65 and my wife (US citizen) will be knocking on the door of 47. We currently own a place in Deerfield Beach (on mortgage) where my mother in law lives (no jokes please!)

Has anyone found a reasonable source of health insurance, i.e. one with reasonable coverage, not too costly and no excessively high excess. :?:
Alan Bowman
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Health Insurance

Postby munchkins » Thu 28 Apr 2005 18:56

Hello Alan

my husband and I will (hopefully ) be moving to Jacksonville this year. Going on an immediate family visa, I will continue to work even though I will take my UK pension this December, from wanting to really. I have checked out a number of sites for Health cover and a very good one( I think anyway) PHA for expats and I'm almost sure that I found the link on an expats site and it could have been this one. Just go on line for usa health insurance and loads should come up
Hope this helps
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Health Insurance

Postby bazzer » Mon 01 Aug 2005 20:50

Hey Alan,
The two numbers 65 are going to be your biggest problem, with a great deal of searching you will probably find someone who will offer you insurance, but the limitations on cover and duration of cover are usually limited, and the premiums way up there next to the shuttle. I had hoped to move over to NC to be near to son & daughter, but being 65 the health insurance availability has frightened us off for permanent stay and we are staying with regular visits using our B-2 visa`s. Best of luck finding something and would be delighted to know about it if you do. :?
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Postby CustomStrat » Mon 01 Aug 2005 23:44

It'll be cheaper to fly back to the UK to use the National Health...
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