Do you know my Grandad?

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Do you know my Grandad?

Postby emmahaynes » Sat 26 Sep 2009 13:55

My Grandad recently contacted my Mum after several years of not seeing each other, I was ecstatic to learn this and couldn’t wait to go and meet him, but alas me and my mum had a blazing row and now she refuses to give me his address.

The only information I have about him is as follows:

His name is Anthony Haynes (Tony for short)
He lives in Malága in a two bedroomed townhouse (Which is white in the picture that I have of him)
He has a partner (Or did the last I knew!) He is originally from London and is a retired bus driver. He was married to my nanna, Marjorie Haynes and subsequently had my Mum, Nicola Haynes.
He is tall and has grey hair and is a ladies man! Being quite partial to German women (Or so I have heard!)
He has a problem with his back which requires surgery-he may actually have had the op now.

This really means a lot to me as I have three children who I know he is dying to meet, it’s just so sad that it has come to this in order for me to try and find him. I can’t search for him through telephone records as he only has a mobile, so other than this I’m stumped.

I don’t expect anything other than if someone who reads this knows him-please tell him I’m trying to find him. Any information at all would be greatly appreciated. :D
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