Schools in Madrid

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Schools in Madrid

Postby niclak » Sun 24 Aug 2008 11:00

Hi there!

I've been considering moving to Madrid for quite some time and would welcome some guidance around the level of schooling and when it would be best for a child to change schools.
My son is 9 and if we stay in the UK, he'll be sitting the entrance exams for both private schools and the local grammar school from end of next year. Obviously, I'd rather make a decision before then!
Can anyone give me a bit of advice? Maybe somebody went through the same thing?
Also, any advice on catchment areas for the best schools? Is there a huge different between the state schools and the subsidised schools in terms of level of teaching?
Also, how do parents cope with the long holidays? I'm a working parent and I know how difficult it is to cope with all the 1/2 term holidays and private schools' ever so long summer / Easter breaks - pretty impossible to be honest. I don't have family around to help but the parents are pretty good at taking turns and the bulk of it is covered by me taking time off and being creative about holiday camps, etc. Do they have those in Spain?
Sorry, a lot of ground to cover...
I'm not worried about the actual move as I've moved countries before and my Spanish is reasonably good. Also, my son has a very good grasp of Portuguese already, which can be quite similar to Spanish. It's the practicalities of it that worry me!
Thank you in advance!
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