Not as Bad as you think.

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Not as Bad as you think.

Postby thegudlife » Wed 09 Jun 2010 16:51

Hello all,

After reading the previous topic, I thought, I would lighten the tone slightly, first who am I and what do I know. Well, I have been in Bulgaria since early 2008, I live in the Kardjali area about 10 km from the Greek border that will open one day... honest!

So as this is the bad vibes section here are the things that really get up my nose:
Shaky Head - Although I have since got over this up down no, left right yes. I have ended up buying things I don't want and all sorts of trouble.

M-Tel Customer Service. The customer is always wrong! Again I have got over this and now don't speak to them until I have had sto gramme of whiskey, then everything is plain sailing.

Not original I know, but pot holes. I brought my motorbike over from the UK and have hardly used it as I don't want to kill myself on the roads. This, even in the last two years has improved quite a lot though, so it might get a spin this year!!

Bozar!: If you haven't tried it don't, absolutely horrid malted drink that smells of cat sick (disguises itself as chocolate milkshake - don't be fooled). I have personally written to Borisov to have it banned!

Kashkaval: (yellow Cheese). Bulgaria you make some of the best white cheese going, what's with the plastic yellow stuff!

Last and by no means least documents and stamps. Even the locals in my pub feel ashamed the amount of signatures that are required on one document, One document one signature. How hard is it.

These are my gripes with Bulgaria, that is why I am so happy here. I also believe they can all be fixed. Especially the Bosar and Kashkaval.


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Postby Nestinar » Sun 30 Sep 2012 11:08

The boza I understand - I've yet to meet a foreigner that can drink it. But I take offense on the kashkaval part - you just haven't tried the good stuff yet :P
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Postby Jax » Sun 17 Nov 2013 19:45

To the man who is not happy in Bulgaria. I aim to live there but to answer some of his ill's. You say rip off builders - we have enough cowboy builders in the uk to start the American Indian wars all over again. Road's & pot holes - If you want pot holes come to Perthshire and some of the places I have to drive its like driving a dodgem car, in out and around. Health service - people are dying here needlessly because of tory cuts and getting worse. Old people abused in homes meant to protect them. Mad drivers - I drive miles every day and am surprised I get home sometimes. There are no garden of Eden's in this world you make the best of every situation. I have worked with drug addicts, alco's, violence, thieves and the dark underbelly of society. I can tell you this - it is a matter of attitude. When I come to live in Bulgaria I will make it work.
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