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white goods

Postby Jaffadutch » Mon 14 Mar 2005 06:50

Hello all,

Can anyone tell me if its worth taking white goods with me, or would it be cheaper to buy new in new zealand?
Or could anyone tell me the name of your white good stores over there? i can then check prices on their websites.


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Postby armchairdetectiv » Mon 14 Mar 2005 20:19

My mate took ALL of his white goods.
His thought process was....that he would buy the plug adapters for his stuuf and see what worked.
I will find out more after hos tuff arrives.
It's not much help I know but if you already own a good washing machine and all it needs is an adaptor!!!!
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white goods

Postby ngaire » Tue 03 Jul 2007 00:07

Wish we had enquired more about electricl stuff,we were told nothing would work,left behind a good dyson cleaner,and things like that all they needed was a change of plug or adappter.I think the problem is getting parts the same if your stuff breaks down.Fisher and Paykal and Simpson are popular brands and most stuff costs the same as home we found.We have Noel Leeming,Warehouse,Furniture Court,Smiths City,Harvey Norman in our area and its just a little place.We too looked at the web sites before leaving,with a calculater at our side so we could convert,just google places to buy washing machines or something.
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White Goods work

Postby Leeds Lass » Sun 22 Jul 2007 09:29

yes all you have to do is go out when the container arrives and bye lots of plugs. And its not like the uk as we do not have a fuse.
TV will work on sky :lol: :lol: but i have a friend and he mananged to tune his in!!

AND you can bring the top quality wicker must be gloss. Maff may need to just look at it i have had lots of clients that have had no trouble.

If you are in the building trade some of the items you would like to bring will not work just pm and i will advise more on this as a traformer that we use on site is no good.
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