shipping to new zealand

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shipping to new zealand

Postby lyn334 » Tue 20 Sep 2005 16:46


can anyone tell me who is the cheapest and best to ship about 4 cubic metres of stuff from the uk to new zealand

i have differing quotes from 800 to 2000 pounds

would be real grateful for any feedback thanks

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Shipping 4.0 cubic metres

Postby gargar » Fri 04 Jul 2008 08:36

Hi Lyn,

No one can tell you the cheapest or the best as the rates will vary based on your location and where in N.Z. your goods will be delivered. It also will depend if its a door-to-door service with packing included. Better to ask members if they have used the companies that have quoted you and see what they say. small consignments may seem dear against full container shipments but you have to remembr that certain aspects cost the same regardless, such as documentation and Customs formalities. I would say that 2000 pounds does seem extremely high.

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