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NZ Van LInes

Postby cornerofsilence » Mon 26 Sep 2005 07:13

Has anyone used this company for moving in NZ.


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Postby TheFamilyHearld » Wed 25 Jan 2006 06:58

Hi Susan

I realise I'm probably too late with this reply but it might help someone else.

We used NZ Van Lines for our delivery of our shipment and can highly recommend them. Had my doubts at first when two lads walked up the driveway to our rental home, pies in hand and asking for a brew but just an hour and half later, they'd unloaded it all. They offered to unpack and fix up furniture and seemed genuinely put out when I said they didn't need to, but I couldn't stand the thought of everything everywhere. They said once I'd finished unpacking to phone them and they'd come and get rid of all the packing materials for us. Wonderful folks and I've heard others speak highly of them too. They do have a website - just google them.

If this post isn't too late, I hope all goes well and if I am too late, it would be interesting to hear if you did use NZ Van Lines and what you thought of them.

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Postby hawkins930 » Wed 22 Mar 2006 08:06

We used this company and did nt have a good experience at all. The UK counterpart PSS was great and so NZ van lines were a real disappointment.
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