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Broadband Internet

Postby GOONER » Wed 13 Jul 2005 14:05

I'm moving to Wellington.
Can anyone recommend a broadband service and how to set it up. How long it takes. Are you committed to a yearly contract, etc. Also if I move house, can I take it with me?. Thanks
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N Z Broadband

Postby TheFamilyHearld » Wed 20 Jul 2005 00:36

When you arrive you will probably set your telephone line up with Telecom; N Z's version of B T. They offer different broadband packages from 1GB at quite a slow speed, through to 10GB. Visit and look for a link to their 'xtra' page.

Also, as you are a techno geek the same as we are, mobile phones... Vodafone have sim cards, Telecom don't. That's it - no other choices. If you aren't on Vodafone but plan to bring your UK mobile, make sure you get it 'unlocked' by your present provider as it's hard to get done here unless you know the right (or should that be wrong?) people :? Only then can you get it to work on the above two networks. Also, forget trying to send picture messages via your mobile from a N Z network. Stick to the digicam and send them via email.

Hope all that helps.

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broadband / mobiles

Postby GOONER » Wed 20 Jul 2005 08:40

Thanks for that info Michelle. We are planning on bringing our phones and luckily there's a little shop next door to my work that'll do'em both for a tenner.

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