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Postby alanbell9 » Sun 06 May 2007 13:44


I am hopeing to move to NZ next year with my wife & 2 youg children, however i have been speaking to a couple of Newzealanders who are currently working over here. they tell me that crime is getting really bad. please can anyone confirm. as yet i do not know where in Nz we will be liveing. Alan :?
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Postby lady_porsche » Sun 08 Jun 2008 09:12

Hi alenbell9,
No matter where you live in the world there will always be someone somewhere prepared to break the law... This forum does have another post regarding gangs on the North Isle which you might find helpful. I haven't lived in NZ yet but visited last year and never came across anything nasty, but NZ is not perfect or crime free. When something like a murder does happen, because it is relatively uncommon it does tend to make big news.
As with any relocation to a new town or country, you need to do a lot of research about the local area before renting or buying a home. Look up crime rates etc on the interenet when you do know the region you will be moving to.

Best of luck! :D
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