Moving to Dunedin

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Moving to Dunedin

Postby deirdre » Thu 29 May 2008 07:29

Hi everybody!
My fiance got a job in Dunedin and we're set to move this January the latest.
I would be very glad if anyone could provide me with more information re the real life in the area, work opportunities, study opportunities, entertainment, etc. If someone here is going through a similar situation or is already in NZ, would be very useful for us to hear some fresh opinions.
I'm interested actually about knowing simple things, as after all life is about common, simple things.
From what I've read so far about this town, it looks like a beautiful place, surrounded by incredible nature. However what I don't fully understand is how can a town so spread as Dunedin be so lively and how can one reach to any place in town in 10 min, if the public transport has to cover a huge distance.
I am also very curious if during the summer one can swim in the sea or the water would be too cold for a normal person, let's admit I'm not a surfer and have no intention to become, but who knows... I'm open to new experiences.
Another issue is of course the fact that we both need to ask for long term stay permit or residence. I have no idea how long that takes, but I've read about the requirements.
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Postby Kay » Thu 29 May 2008 10:14

Please try asking on the appropriate boards. We have a board for schools and education. We also have a board for housing and property. The Moving to NZ board is about the practicalities of moving to New Zealand - shipping, removals etc. If you want to know about immigration and visa, again we have an appropriate board. Ditto about choosing an area. There's also a board about working in NZ. And the Kia Ora board for socialising and making new friends.
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