Lyon? - living travelling etc

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Lyon? - living travelling etc

Postby nobbles » Sat 05 Aug 2006 16:45


New to this forum so hello everyone. I am going to work in Lyon for Renault Trucks - I will be travelling down by car. Basically wheres the nicer places to live - where are the bad places. I quite fancy the countryside but would that get boring? Any apartments (parking needed) or houses anyone knows for rent, 2 or 3 bed (wife, little boy and visitors), are furnished places available and what would be the typical rent per month? Are there some rental agencies and any traps to watch for?

Answers to any of the above questions would be gratefully received - thanks.
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answer for Lyon

Postby elixir » Fri 01 Sep 2006 19:37

I am origanally from I lived there for 26 years. It is a really lovely city with restaurent in every corner. It is the capital of food in mean of gastronomy in France.
A nice area to leave will Lyon 8eme particarly Monplaisir which is not to far from Renault Truck which should be located in Venissieux in the industrial part.
The countryside it quite nice to live but boring if you don't know anybody. The flats became quite expensive and with the time difficult to get one. But I am pretty sure you will get something. This the free newspaper where there is a lot of advert Le Paru Vendu you also can go on the website or an other website [Advert removed.] you can find alot of advert about everything (accomodations, jobs, infotmation about the city or [Another advert for the same thing removed. Adverts aren't allowed here - read the guidelines.] which is in English
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Postby ruggie » Sun 03 Sep 2006 20:33

I presume you'll go down on your own at first? You can then pick up a lot of local magazines, some free and some for sale. Meanwhile, just do a search (on Google or anything else that takes your fancy) - you'll find quite a few very informative sites.

Good luck. Lyon is a lively city with a long history. You should enjoy it, and it's well placed for seeing the rest of France when you get a break.
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