Newbie : Advice on northern France?

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Newbie : Advice on northern France?

Postby belindamary » Tue 10 Apr 2007 01:15

Hi there, I'm a newbie on this French forum.

That's because at the moment I live in a village in southern Spain, which is great. However we are beginning to get itchy feet and would like our next move to be in about two year's time to a holiday home (but one where we could spend several months at a time) in northern France.
We should have (at today's prices) around 100,000 euros cash budget.

What could we get for this, if anything, we are not terribly fussy but it must have at least two bedrooms and mains electricity/water. We would prefer a town or village location (not an isolated farmhouse). We don't mind doing some work but it must be habitable. It doesn't have to be a house, a chalet or mobile home would be considered if it is the right price and in the right place. We would prefer that it wasn't an apartment.

I know the cost of living is more in France than in Spain, but what sort of taxes are we looking to be paying?

What areas would you recommend giving these constraints?

I speak very basic French (from schooldays).

Any advice at all will be gratefully received.
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Postby ruggie » Tue 10 Apr 2007 18:29

There's quite a selection of suitable stuff. Just search on 'real estate france' and search several agents' sites for village property in your preferred regions. In 5 mins I came up with a 3-bed house in Moselle which is currently being let furnished, so it must be habitable. Looks quite nice, too.
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Postby Jazzman » Tue 08 May 2007 08:37

Do remember that unlike the UK, private sales without the intermediary of an estate agent are perfectly normal in France and can result in a significant saving. There a re plenty of free ad mags that circulate on a local level in all partds of France, which contain dozens of ads by 'particuliers' (private persons) selling houses.
You will need a solicitor to de the conveyancing and his fees will be quite high as they indclude the property transfer tta which he collects on behalf of the inland revenue. Like any services, get at least three quotations fgrm different lawyers. There are plenty, known as 'notaire' (notary) rather then 'avocat' (solicitor) who deal specifically with property transfers. He/she will check the athenticirty of the title deed and its registration at the 'cadastre' (land registry). A survey is not required.
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