Just moved to France

Here's a place to talk about how to choose an area in France which will suit you.

Just moved to France

Postby puresilk26 » Wed 27 Jun 2012 06:01

Hi everyone, we have been living in France for exactly 7 weeks today, gosh it has been interesting and not quite what i expected, we live in area 53 near Pre en pail and it is very rural, and it is just my husband and myself, who previously haven't spent 24/7 together other than holidays etc, we are geting things sorted slowly, as you do here i have come to find out, but it would be nice if there are other people near us who are further down the line of living in France, for advise and friendship, thanks Michelle
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Postby Kay » Wed 18 Jul 2012 21:52

Hello and welcome to our forum.

I hope you can find some new friends soon in your area. Sorry we don't have a lot of active members in France at the mo', perhaps that will change soon.

Good luck with your new lifestyle. :)
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New to living in rural France

Postby SandT » Fri 20 Jul 2012 17:00

Hello, We lived in a very rural area of France for 7 years but right in the centre (in Creuse, Limousin) - you are much more N/W to where we lived so I can't really help you re friends but if I am allowed to post it, I am putting a link to a website used by many people all over France and you can scroll down to your own Region and enter posts in any threads that interest you. This can be a good way of meeting people. We used to hold "Book Swap" days every couple or three months or so and people from all around brought carrier-bags full of English books to swap with us and everyone else attending. We provided drinks and home-made cakes and made some really nice friends that way. We advertised them in "Events" columns. Have a look in your Department and see if anyone does it - or ask if anyone holds them.

I know it can be lonely when you first arrive. I trust that you speak some French? If not, the most important thing is to learn it as fast as you can. Most communes hold either free or very inexpensive lessons to newcomers so ask your Maire. Very best of luck,

Sheelagh (now living in Malta!)

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Postby mistrygirl » Wed 01 May 2013 17:51

Hi puresilk - just joined this forum, and saw your post from last year. Just wondering a year down the line, how you are getting on now? We are in 24 so quite a distance from you sadly.
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