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Here's a place to talk about how to choose an area in France which will suit you.

Regional advice

Postby LjJaks » Sat 05 Jul 2014 19:50

Greetings all, First Time poster and on an android device so please forgive any grammatical errors ;)

The family and I have been considering emigration from the UK for some time, we have considered many options and one of the front runners of choices is France, hence the post!
We have decided to take an opportunity to have an extended trip over the summer to take a good look around and hopefully help with the decision process.

We think that our areas of preferance are south Brittany (finistere/morbihan), pays do loire (loire atlantique/vendee) and possibly the north of poitou-charente. The reasons for this is that although an improvement in ambient temperatures over the UK would be welcome it is not our driving factor and we've spent some time a bit further south over recent years which we have found a little uncomfortable heat wise at times! If we were to be granted a wish on location our preferance would be to be within reasonable reach of the coast (no more than an hour), lakes, rivers, woodland, hills /mountains, we're more natural landscape people than city slickers.

I'm basically hoping that there may be people out there in Internet land that might be able to suggest areas that we should consider including in our itinerary. We have four children under eight and shall be camping (we have 3-4 weeks we can make use of) so we need to try and make it a pleasant trip for them also. I had thought of splitting the camp into three stages, one to explore the southern most area, then move central of the area We think we are interested in looking at then up toward South Brittany. Any thoughts on good locations to base a camp at to best place ourselves to discover as much of these areas as possible? Anything that absolutely should be on our itinerary? Anyone that can put a good case forward for a different area that we haven't considered?

Any and all advice gratefully appreciated!
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Postby Dave » Wed 09 Jul 2014 01:58

Hi, LjJaks, and welcome.

Sorry I can't help much myself - I haven't been about France very much at all other than a few working trips to Paris and a couple of briefish holidays. But Kay and I did enjoy a three-day stay near Lorient for the Festival Interceltique one August - very pleasant, and definitely not too hot.

Hope you get some useful suggestions for base camps soon. It sounds as if you've got the makings of an excellent plan there!
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