Registering a bike/car in France

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Registering a bike/car in France

Postby Lawrence » Sat 12 May 2007 13:45

Just bought a holiday apartment in Nice, and want to leave my Uk motorbike down there full time. It's currently there as UK registered, MOT'd and insured, but I dont want to drive it back to get new MOT etc so need to register it in France (then get CT and insurance). I'm struggling to find any offical site that tells me how/where to register it in France (Nice) and am fearful of tons of paperwork?

Does anybody have any experience that may help me?

Thanks alot

(Just discovered this site and it's brilliantly useful!)
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Postby ruggie » Sat 12 May 2007 18:08

If you speak a little French, go to the source - your local motor tax office, which is probably somewhere in the Préfecture. They're usually very helpful, and what they say goes - they'll be processing the papers.

I think all road vehicles have similar requirements:

- a utility bill to prove your residence
- a personal ID (passport)
- a contrôle technique certificate (French MOT equivalent)
- ... this one costs time and money: a letter from the bike manufacturer confirming that your particular model conforms to French standards for road vehicles.

It's the last item that trips people up - English caravans, for example, have doors on the wrong side. Bikes may be simpler, but much easier if a similar model is sold in France.
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Postby lemartoulet » Thu 24 May 2007 13:58

Ok as for re-registering
Make sure that model was sold here in france before you even think of changing it over
Motorbikes DO NOT have a CT just insurance
Get some french insurance first and then begin the process try your local bike shop first ours where so helpful
Good Luck with ALL the paperwork!!!!!!!!!
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