Insurer for a Porsche? [title edited for SHOUTING]

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Insurer for a Porsche? [title edited for SHOUTING]

Postby paul123 » Fri 09 Nov 2007 14:44

I have a brit registered porsche boxter here in france but my brit insurance will only cover me for 3 months per will run out in 2 more months.registration here is not really an option as i dont know how long i will be here for work etc. can anyone recommend an insurer either here or in the uk who might help.any advice greatly appreciated.paul
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Postby Mr Kriss » Fri 23 Nov 2007 22:42

Firstly, check out the sticky posting at the top of this board. If that doesn't help then read on......

Most EU policies provide 12 months legal cover but may not give you fully comp for all that time, or may load the policy anyway as you are not complying with the proposal where you probably said it was kept in your garage at your UK postcode overnight.

I suggest you do a search on the web for specialist insurers or buy any of the monthly car fan magazines where you will see plenty of ads from brokers who will offer you what you are looking for.

Dont confuse 'green card' with insurance cover, just tell the broker how you are using the car and ask for the cover you want, and be careful to say on the proposal form exactly where the car is kept overnight so thay can't use that against you later on. :wink:

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