We bought a new car, but found it was not what thought-help!

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We bought a new car, but found it was not what thought-help!

Postby buffly » Tue 16 Mar 2010 09:36

Hi everyone

I have a nightmare situation :?

We wanted to buy a new car, we went to a couple of garages a few weeks ago, but didn't see what we wanted for the price we wanted to pay. I thought radios were standard these days, but no...

Anyway this weekend just gone was the famous 'portes ouvertes' I think this is meant to mean that the garages that are usually shut are open an there should be the chance to get a better offer...

So we tried a few garages to see what was available, it was a bit hard to decide to be honest and confusing concerning he plus and minuses...

We found one car that seemed to offer more for less (what we were looking for obviously)

We had been drawn in to many garages due to the publicity on the tv, offering large discounts and a reasonable final price

Anyway Sunday morning, we decided to give another certain make a chance, I had seen their offer of large discount, 0% credit etc

I'm trying not to mention the names as am not sure if I am allowed, but I'll jut say the final battle of seemingly better offers came from non French, western car companies.

So we see the sales man specifically mention the offer of 0% credit, special edition/large discounts. We also make it very clear from the start that we are looking for a 1.2, giving details of the best offer we have elsewhere - obviously giving them the opportunity to beat it.

The end price he gave was rounded down to 10k, but the other offer we had was 8.3k, so not really beating the price and more importantly over budget. So the guy said wait a minute let me see what I can do, he went away, made some figures and came out with something just over, then the same as the other offer, to which I asked if it was the same, he said exactly the same. then added that it wasn't beating the other offer so he lowered it slightly, then put the pressure on if you take it now, it's portes ouvrtes it's now or never, sign the form, the offer won't exist tomorrow, my husband asked again if it was the same as we wanted, and again the man said exactly the same, listing some of the features, clim, CD etc The guy had made us believe we could sign in confidence (but it is the first time we bought a new car) The pressure as on everything went very fast, that was it signed for, they took a cheque on account of 1500 euros, not o be cashed he kept assuring us.

I asked for a brochure because we wanted to look at the car we had bought, obviously, until now we did not have one. My husband looked at the brochure but did not see the car and the other piece of paper a list of technical info had a penmark next to 1.0l 3 cylinder? (but we wanted a 1.2 4 cylinder that's what we asked for that's what the other garage had quoted for) I told the guy we couldn't find the car in the brochure, to which he said it was 'normale' perhaps because he had started us on a special edition which was not in the book, he turned to the basic model and added cd, clim etc He had changed the name of the car too, we were unaware!

I said this is not the car we thought it was, we wanted a 1.2 l, an offer to beat the other garage, with at least the same stuff and for a better price, this car has a different name to the one you talked to us about, we trusted you, this is not right, please cancel it - to which he said no he could no nothing, we had to see the manager and he was not in today (sunday), but he is here tomorrow (monday)

MY husband and I felt tricked, sick, angry and upset- only to get worse, when we saw the manager first thing the next morning, he went t talk to the salesman before talking to us! terrible. Then he basically said he would not do anything/he could not do anything, he was not interested in what we had to say. He saw that I had details from other manufacturers with me, he accused me of making the tour and that perhaps another garage had told m to cancel with this garage to go to another. I tried to explain that, yes I had brought the details of one garage with me to show what we had asked them to beat the day before to show that it was not the same, nor better and why would we sign for it...he didn't care. I also had written my notes on the back of a quote from another garage, not realizing that it would e such an issue, it's just it was the only piece of paper I had to hand when I wanted to write everything down that had happened (the quote had expired it was fro 2 weeks before anyway) The guy was terrible, there was never any chance of him being sympathetic. When in reality, we had been mislead, young, naive, rushed, confused, first time buyers, the salesman did not read the contract/go through it with us and he covered part of it with his hand (something we just did not see at the time)

The car is not in the showroom/garage, the noted delivery date is 5th may 2010 (which i believe means from the factory)

It appears that there is no credit arrangement,which they are always keen to sell/include - Now I think this is because it is 0% and they would normally make extra money from a finance agreement, so they deliberately forgot that.

This will break us, it is not the better deal, quite apparently, it is not the car we requested, also apparent, neither the salesman or the manager, would be kind and both refused to let us out despite the circumstances

My husband and I have been sick with worry, y husband even lost a day at work yesterday to try sort the situation.... I just do not know what we will do....

The police and the gendarmes said we have 7 days, even if no credit agreement. They think they are out of order.The gendarmes suggested porting plante with the police. The police suggested a lawyer could cut the contract easily (costing us a few hundred) or to go to an advice organization. The advice organization they suggested operates a appointment system only and is full until April. So we asked a lawyer who said maybe the law was slightly different during portes ouvertes, because you are under pressure to sign now and not just to take the quote and consider it for a week or two, as the offer ends after that day, making it a bit like buying from home, but it wasn't certain. We went to the government fraud office and they told us we had no chance, but to appeal to the manager, but as I've said, he is not open to that, they said we could get a lawyer but could end up paying the lawyer and the garage ie get no where still. Somehow I managed to see a woman at the advice agency, she told us to send a recorded letter saying the car did not conform to our request and that we want our cheque back. She told us to take a copy and that if we did not get the desired result in 15 day that she would write to them. apparently if the car in on order/not in the shop/not available/and a new car,we can cancel in 7 days even if no credit arrangement.

Apparently buying on a sunday is considered like buying on the monday here.

So we sent our recorded letter yesterday - the day after the sale (to which we have kept a copy) If nothing else it made us breathe easily, but for how long that is the qustion?

Any help greatly appreciated

If you want more info I'll be happy to give it no problem

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