Canal du Midi boating for two senior citizens

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Canal du Midi boating for two senior citizens

Postby Dave » Wed 29 Aug 2007 10:49

We've received an email from a senior citizen couple in New Zealand asking about boating on the Canal du Midi - based, perhaps, on having read our page on the main site about our own experiences back in 1999:

Canal Capers

Probably the best thing I can do is reproduce the email here in case anyone has any advice for them:

Two Senior citizens wish to hire a 8/9 metre boat - Example - "CIRRUS A" (2 single beds with internal access to foredeck) for a one way trip on Canal du Midi - Period July August September 2008

First question -

1) Please advise How Many weeks required to leisurely travel this route - "Le Mas D'Agens" to "Saint Gilles" (Near Marseilles) Please advise Hire Cost including FULL INSURANCE for the period you estimate to complete the trip

2) Is a Licence require to operate the boat

3) How many kilometers cover this particular route

4) How many locks on this route

5) Is there assistance at the locks

6) Are there any other costs/charges related to the hire of boat

7) Are there any Lock charges - Night/day mooring - anchoring berthing charges - If so Can you give me an 'approximate' estimate sum in Euros to cover these costs.
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Postby ruggie » Sat 08 Sep 2007 20:24

OK. I think I can see what's causing the problem. the boat they mention is offered by a specific company - alpha-crosiè - whose website is a bit like the curate's egg. It does have English language pages, and it does explain in detail about insurance, lack of need for a licence, etc., but it doesn't state where the boats are (it actually invites you to specify your starting and ending locations, but I can't believe that they'll deliver a boat to any location free of charge). Since they speak English, the only way to get answers is to use the 'contact us' link just as they encourage you to do.

I can't find "Le Mas d'Agen". Where did they get their route planning info?
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Postby buttler34 » Wed 30 Apr 2008 12:56

Thank you for all the informations you provided, I really appreciate it as I am a great boating and travel fan. People like us need accurate and exact informations, this is what's I've learned from my own personal experience with [Advert for canal boating company removed. Site Admin, Kay]
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