Azure Window collapse

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Azure Window collapse

Postby Kay » Sat 11 Mar 2017 08:23

I was rather shocked to see on today's news that the Azure Window has collapsed. What a pity, as it was such a beautiful tourist attraction.

Edit: Oops, I forgot to post the link I'd meant to.
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Re: Azure Window collapse

Postby gozomark » Sat 11 Mar 2017 09:45

yes, it was there, one wave later it was gone !
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Re: Azure Window collapse

Postby DavidH » Sun 12 Mar 2017 07:49

Gone but not forgotten.

It was a very rough night, not a lot of sleep in our house. The ferries were stopped from 8pm til 7am that morning.

They had only just finished re-surfacing the main road to San Lawrenz but it is still a beautiful area at Dwejra so I hope visitors will still go down there to enjoy it. Lots of traffic in that direction in the past week, both locals and visitors. I feel sorry for the businesses there who largely rely on the tourist season.

One visitor was heard to say at the ferry terminal 'It was the only reason I came over to Gozo'. Well, Gozo has a lot more to offer.
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Re: Azure Window collapse

Postby FOXGLOVE » Sat 18 Mar 2017 13:58

Many of the 'businesses' are there illegally anyway so I have no sympathy for them.
If the window had gone a couple of weeks earlier they would probably have not bothered finishing the road which has been ongoing since I arrived in Gharb over 4 years ago!
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