Gozo Tax Office

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Gozo Tax Office

Postby costablanca » Mon 01 May 2006 17:08

We have changed our plans and will be arriving in Gozo in July instead of at the end of the year, so we are trying to sort our finances, more importantly tax issues. If we receive our income into a Maltese current account tax free starting July, when will we have to notify the tax authorities? Is that how it works?
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Postby Tim » Mon 01 May 2006 21:31

Hi Costablanca,

In my case, they informed me!! (They get you through your ID card paperwork).

I arrived in mid-2002 and received a tax return form in about June 2004, covering the 2003 financial year (which is the same as the calendar year -- Jan-Dec).

I went to see the tax people in Gozo and they weren't interested in my first partial year of 2002.

Part of the proof of whether you are resident here is if you have spent more than 180 days here and whether your home here is your main one. Even though your place is becoming your main home, I would think that you would get away with saying that for this year it isn't if you arrive with less than 180 days of the year left.

My understanding is that you are either resident or not - you won't be 50% resident. So if you are regarded as resident then at least you will get the full year's tax-free allowance. If not, then you'll have several months to work out your expenses and to decide how much extra you might want to bring over. The first year or so is likely to be an expensive time, if you need to do alterations, put in a kitchen, buy furniture or whatever, so being able to bring in an extra amount before you become taxable wold definitely be helpful!

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