Rough tax on €50k salary?

No, really... it does!
But does it matter more in Malta than at home?

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Rough tax on €50k salary?

Postby Tony9066 » Wed 02 Apr 2014 14:31

Hi all.

I am trying to make a sensible decision. I'm looking at accepting a position in malta, on a 50k euro salary what would the rough tax be?
Also are bonuses taxable there?
I understand you can't give individual tax advise, but a general heads up would be of benefit.

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Postby gozomark » Wed 02 Apr 2014 16:11

yes, bonuses taxable on standard ta table rates - you will be liable to income tax and social security contributions - the tax and social sec rates are on
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Postby maxine » Thu 17 Apr 2014 06:11

But also bear in mind that a €50k salary in Malta would be the rough equivalent of a €75k salary in the UK due to the lower cost of living here. (my approximations)
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