Advice on a British mans Will

No, really... it does!
But does it matter more in Malta than at home?

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Advice on a British mans Will

Postby mrsruss » Sat 28 Jun 2014 11:40


apologies if this is posted in the wrong area but I couldn't find where to put it!

My grandfather was a British man who was retired and lived on Gozo until he sadly passed away.
As his only living blood relatives, we have been trying to track down a copy of his will and death certificate which have been claimed by his girlfriend, but she seems to have disappeared with no contact.

My mother sent off 5 euros to the public registry office in Valletta to get a copy of a Will, but all we have been sent is a will number and the year it was made.

Can anyone shed any light as to what I can do next to get a copy? Or if there is anywhere/anyone I should be speaking to. It's a bit difficult to do this all from the UK!

Many thanks,
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Postby Dave » Sat 28 Jun 2014 15:23

Hi, mrsruss, and welcome.

Sorry to hear about your trouble. Hopefully someone will be able to help with your query soon.

(I've shifted this to the Money Matters board as it seems the best place to deal with wills and inheritances. I've also deleted your other post as it's a duplicate of this one and risks starting two discussions on the same topic.)
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Postby PeaCakes » Sat 28 Jun 2014 16:53

I would think go to a local notary and seek advice. If you are not in Malta you can email or call one for initial discussion.
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Postby mickh911 » Mon 30 Jun 2014 18:29

you could try the british high commission in valletta ... sion-malta
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