Starting a computer business in Malta

No, really... it does!
But does it matter more in Malta than at home?

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Postby Ghawdex » Mon 28 Jul 2014 21:06

JJ wrote:I'm not sure when you were last in Gozo but prices for computers and white goods are far more sensible today than when I first came over seven years ago. Then they were like double the UK price but now maybe 30% more, which once you factor in shipping, guarantee and eco-tax like Chris says, makes very little difference, not enough to make a viable business model of undercutting the incumbents.

When I was last there I thought the price was absurd compared to Canada. For example, in Canada I paid around 688 Euro (XE conversion rate as of now CAD 1000) for a laptop with a quad-core i7, 8gb ram, 1tb hybrid ssd-hdd drive, and a 2gb gaming graphics card. It was a steal. In Malta 700 Euro would get me what 500 CAD would get me in Canada!!

Same with the damn iPhones - buying from Vodafone outright is 649 Euros. This gets you the full unlocked iPhone 5S latest. Buying outright from Apple store in Canada - 550 Euros. Well I guess you're only saving 100 Euros there so not much can be said for that. And by the time you factor shipping it over, and yes if you ship it the buggers at customs charge you for VAT and such, you may as well just buy it in Malta. Although when it first came out in Malta - almost two whole months after it came out everywhere else - I can remember it costing 720 Euros - at which point getting it from Canada would become worth it.
LOL enough ranting on that - can you tell I like my gadgets yet? ;) That is one thing I will miss - my big box stores that sell all my gadgets at mostly reasonable prices.

Maybe I will have to post in the premium section for this (better get cracking on the membership now shouldn't I) but can anyone recommend a place I can look online for the prices of computers and related paraphernalia in Malta? Maybe importing computers (illegally at that) won't be as worth it as I thought. Maybe the prices in Gozo are just inflated or the shop I was in was just bollox, but I found the computers there really expensive.
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Postby Ghawdex » Mon 28 Jul 2014 21:11

Kraut ;-) wrote:
If I bring it to Malta personally, and sell it after its been used as a "personal computer" for some time, therefore making it second hand, it would not be liable for VAT or anything like that. It would be like a kijiji sale (or Gumtree I believe is a UK site like it)

there is a grey line when personal becomes business. selling maybe 2 laptops a year maybe non-business, but maybe from selling 3 laptops a year it is likely a business.

btw. in germany the tax man is getting information from ebay or has a software checking for ebay sellers with high turnover. often these 'private' sellers did not declare their additional income.

Ha. I don't think the IRD is as sophisticated as germany ;)

It would be max 2 a year as I said thats all I can fit in my luggage, and the time of year would coincide with a "holiday season special" or something like that... Maybe just to sell to close clients/family/friends of family, etc. And by the sounds of it and my own research just now prices seem to have come down on gadgets even since I was there (July 2013) so I don't think its as worth it as I thought. Can this idea :mrgreen:

Although it won't stop me from getting my personal laptops from the Microsoft store in Canada. That is a personal matter and shouldn't be a problem. I bring laptops for my nana every few years or so and no one minds.
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