Can I live/work in Ireland?

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Can I live/work in Ireland?

Postby DualMan » Sat 14 Jun 2014 19:57


Second forum post in one evening!

I have a rather unique question to ask regarding my British passport. To cut a long story short I naturalised as a British citizen in the Channel Islands and because I don't have any family ties to the UK I have the following stamp in my passport:

holder is not entitled to benefit from European Community Provisions
relating to employment or establishment

What this means is that I can't live/work in the EU unless I spend 5yrs in the UK first (this removes this restriction). Technically I have what is called Islander Status:

The above makes sense to me but there is one question I am battling to find an answer to. I may at some stage want to live/work in the Republic of Ireland (NOT Northern Island).

So the question is, can I live/work in the Republic of Ireland despite this stamp in my passport?

After hours of research online I think the answer is yes because Ireland, the UK, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands form part of the Common Travel Area (CTA).

So can I live/work in Ireland or do I need a work permit?

I've contacted the Irish immigration officials but they haven't come back to me yet and its been months!
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Postby Dave » Sat 14 Jun 2014 23:20

I'm not a lawyer but, as far as I understand it, you're right - as a British Citizen (even an Islander) you're not regarded as a foreigner under Irish law. (And vice versa. Ireland's unique in being regarded under British law as neither a foreign country nor a Commonwealth one.)
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