New to Mumbai - looking for a CLUB?

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New to Mumbai - looking for a CLUB?

Postby Simon Hartley » Thu 03 Jul 2008 06:20

Hi there,

I have just moved to Mumbai for work, but am setting up an office so I am the only expat so far. I have found it easy to meet local people and all have been very friendly and welcoming.

To compliment that I would also like to get into an expat scene, i guess the most obvious thing is to join an expat club. I have read about a few clubs, many seem to requrie 1 or 2 invitations from members and the prices are high, I can live with the cost if its a worthwhile club.

Can anyone recommend any clubs, I hear the breach candy club is good, im looking for something with a pool and perhaps tennis and a bar etc. Would anyone be will to invite me (sorry if thats cheeky.....!!)

Also........i am in south mumbai at the moment in a hotel but soon to be getting an apartment. The apartment is a new build (great) but the area is not so great, Sewri. For that reason i am very eager to find a good club in central mumbai area-ish!

Appreciate any help, tips or advise.



p.s I like sailing too and have enquired into the Royal Bombay Sailing Club, is anyone a member there?
Im 28 and have just moved to Bombay (june 08). I have been sent here by me company to set up a new office, very keen to live the bombay life to the full but also keen to meet some like minded expats.

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