6 Months B1/B2 Visa

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6 Months B1/B2 Visa

Postby Azteczero » Sat 31 Mar 2018 15:11


I recently went to the USA in January with a friend for 6 weeks on an ESTA. We were in Texas and had an amazing time that we decided when we go back to the UK we will apply for a B1/B2 Visa and come back to do a 6-month road trip and also go to a few business marketing events (Starting an online business).

When we got back I applied for a visa (B1/B2) went to the London USA embassy and was denied under section 214B after reading the denial paper they hand to you, I realized that I did not show enough ties to the UK. It was my fault as I thought it would be a simple process like ESTA and didn't bring any proof of my ties.

So I booked a second appointment but this time I went prepared. I made an itinerary, expense sheet, bank statement ( genuine 6 months which I even got the bank to stamp) 3 mortgage statements and a certificate of my job. When I went to the first window was greeted by a lovely lady and I asked her about my ties and that I have the documents. She said they do not except any documents anymore as people make fake ones. I did mention that they are not printouts and I even had my bank and mortgage lenders stamp them but she still said it does not matter.

So after I got checked in I waited patiently for my number to be called out again to be interviewed by they consular.

This is how the interview went when I got called out.

Me: Good Morning Sir
Consular: Pass me your folder (or documents can't remember)

Consular: What is the purpose of your travel.
Me: Tourism and Business.

Consular: Why are not traveling under ESTA.
Me: I traveled before to the USA under ESTA and ESTA only allows you 3 months. I would like to to do a 6-month long road trip as the USA is so huge as well as attend a few Business Marketing Events so that is the reason I am not traveling under ESTA.

Consular: What will you be doing in the US.
Me: I would like to go back to Texas and me and my friend would like to do road trips from Texas to San Francisco and back to Texas. We would be going through and staying from town to town till we reach our destination. Also trips we will be attending marketing events along some of these destinations. I will be doing this same process to other destinations as well for example Texas to Miami and back to Texas. I do have an itinerary which explains things more clearly.

The consular keeps quiet and starts typing but I can see anger on his face. I thought to myself oh crap what did I do to piss him off. I knew at this point I am not getting a visa.

Consular: I am denying you for your request for a visa.
Me: No problem sir. If you do not mind can I get some feedback on why as I brought all my ties to the UK as requested from my previous denial so would like to know where I am going wrong.

Consular: Because we do not hand out 6 months visa for road trips and to me it looks like you will want to immigrate to the USA (He said this with anger on his face. It was the same anger when Mike Tyson took a bite of Evander Holyfields ear and Evander Holyfield looked at Mike Tyson Thinking WTF). Also it is illegal to give 6 months visa just to hang out in the US.
Me: Sir I have all the...........(I was just about to say documents showing my ties)
Consular: Interview over, I am going to hand you back your passport and not keep it.

First of all please bear in mind I am not desperate to go back to the USA just wanted to do a road trip around the USA and wanted to do it in one go. I would like to however maybe do this in the future. I am also a Licenced London Black Taxi Driver so I earn a very good living and can only do this job in the London. My family is all here in the UK also my properties.

So my question is where did I go wrong any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Also is it illegal to tourism (road trips) for 6 months? What documents do they want to prove my ties? I have taken with me all original copies with a stamp from the bank so I am a bit puzzled.

Thank you.

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