Safety in Abu Dhabi

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Safety in Abu Dhabi

Postby Simeones » Wed 01 Dec 2004 03:47

Hi Audrey
We are about to finalise our move to Abu Dhabi and I want to placate my family about security concerns. Can you point me in the right direction for some good independant observations about how safe it is in Abu Dhabi at present.
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Postby Audrey » Thu 02 Dec 2004 12:17

Its always been safe there . I was there all through the last 'gulf war' and there were no problems that we were aware of. During the Afghanistan conflict we had to be careful with the taxi drivers as a lot of them are from there and had lost releatives, but the government stamped down on them straight away.
As to where you can view a web site I would try the fco site I think and the British Embassy website in Abu Dhabi. don't know the url off hand but if you put a search in I'm sure you will find it easy enough.
Good luck with your move .. hope you enjoy the land of sand and camels!!
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