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Post here about healthcare in Australia. (NB - postings about visa-related medical issues belong on the "Visas/medicals" forum.)

Postby tamar » Thu 10 Feb 2011 06:04

Hi Guys,

I don't have any medical issues like this. I am posting here because I have to ask something. As I can see here that this is my second post and I know that I don't have sufficient privilege to give any suggestion but still I would like to add something that if administrators of this forum can add a link for medical directory, that will be more beneficial for every user. Its just a suggestion.

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Postby Dave » Thu 10 Feb 2011 18:50

Tamar, there are several problems with your posting.

1) You hijacked someone else's discussion for no good reason. If you want to discuss something that isn't already being discussed, you should start a new topic.

2) If you want to make suggestions, that's fine - all our members are entitled to, so you do have sufficient privilege. But you should do so in the right place, which is the FAQ/Suggestions board on the General forum.

3) We have strong reservations about posting commercial links, for several reasons that are explained in the posting guidelines. So we won't be planning to include links to any medical directories.
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