Having my first baby in Spain

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Having my first baby in Spain

Postby Raquelspain » Thu 17 Apr 2008 11:23


Im due to have my first baby in Sept 08. I've been having some problems with finding out where to go for my maternity cover. Im self employed but not paying into social secuirty and if i was to start i'm only getting 2 months care but paying for 6! I've heard about these SIP cards - can i apply for one without paying Social?

I've been going to a private doctor at the moment but i'm getting worried about where im going to give birth - private hospitals are so expensive as well as scans

Does anyone have any adivce?
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Postby caroig » Fri 18 Apr 2008 15:09

Hi raquel,
If you are self-employed and declaring it then you must be paying SS. If it's all in B then I guess not.

There is a 100€ monthly payment you can claim if you are working once your baby's born - this will offset to some degree the autonomo payment.

I've not heard of any special dispensation for pregnant mums, so I think the SIP card is not for you.

Some of the health insurance companies here will let you sign up even if you are pregnant, but you will have to pay an extra fee.

You will be eligible for the 2500€ on the birth of your child if you've been living in Spain for the last two years.

Hey good luck
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