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Learn Spanish with don Quijote. Learn Spanish in Spain, in Latin America, or at home via email or Internet. They have Spanish and golf courses, Spanish and dancing, cooking, and loads more. Highly recommended. Don't miss this site!


www.travlang.com offers a massive choice of language training and other travel related things.


www.learndutch.org/ - learn Dutch here and lots of interesting things about the country.

http://www.gnomjas.nl/html/dutch/index.html - another interesting site to learn Dutch (free).


Get a free online tutorial here: www.studyspanish.com/tutorial.htm - the site includes an excellent page of links to Spanish resources, fun, and reading material.

Lingolex - learn and practise Spanish.

Please also check out the general education page as some of the larger sites there have language departments.


language fun:


Same words...but different meanings. French has many homophones, look at the following sentence:

Le ver vert va vers le verre vert.

This means: The green worm goes towards the green glass.

Or try this:

Si six scies scient six cigares, six-cent-six scies scient six-cent six cigares.

The meaning isn't important (If six saws saw six cigars, six hundred and six saws saw six hundred and six cigars.) It's the pronunciation that's fun! (see-see-see-see-see-seegar, see-sanh-see-see-see-sanh-see-see-gar.) Ah well, I thought it was amusing...

More like this? Check out Parlo (link above).

Bog, God Dag, He'Ha, and Boozhoo! What am I on about? I was just saying "Hello", that's all. I found Jennifer Runner's language site and it's great. Although it's a serious project with the goal of listing "Hello", "Goodbye", etc in every language in the world, it's also a lot of fun. There is also a huge list of language resources on this site.

Please click here to see for yourself how to say "Hello" in hundreds of languages.

Also, if you can help Jennifer add to her list, the words/phrases she's looking for are:

  1. hello
  2. good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night
  3. welcome
  4. how are you?/I'm fine
  5. what is your name?
  6. my name is...
  7. please
  8. thank you
  9. do you speak English?
  10. I don't understand
  11. yes
  12. no
  13. goodbye
  14. see you later

You can find her email address on her website if you want to help.

Chok lepm lepm lepm!


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